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Mark Lloyd Denies Being a Communist

An article on the Wall Street Journal Blogs on 14 December, 2009, quotes Marl Lloyd, Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communication Commission, as denying that he is "a communist." Mr. Lloyd made this denial, coupled with an attack on the "right wing smear campaign," in a speech and following interview sponsored by the Media Access Project.

The author of the blog did not bother to note that the Media Access Project is a hard-left organization which claims that media would be improved if the FCC used its regulatory and even taxing powers that it does not have, to dispense with white owners of radio stations in favor of non-whites. Lloyd had also supported this idea in writing, in the interests of "diversity."

Thomas Jefferson, who understood the First Amendment better than almost any other American leader, said that it did not encompass government deciding what speech was better or true, but in maintaining the "free marketplace of ideas," so that any falsehoods would not be suppressed, but merely confronted with the truth.

Lloyd believes the opposite, that it is the business of the government to decide what voices, and ideas, should be favored, and which should be handicapped. He shares that disqualifying quality with Stuart Benjamin, a Duke University professor who was named a "distinguished scholar in residence" at the FCC last week. The "distinguished professor" looks forward to the "demise" of the major networks so their bandwidth can "be devoted to the highest valued uses."

Lloyd creates a straw man in his denials. He does not even address the fact that his own writings are directly contrary to the First Amendment, as Thomas Jefferson and the other authors of it, understood it.

When Adlai Stevenson, son of the two-time Democrat nominee for President, lost his own bid for Governor of Illinois, he had called a press conference to assert that "I am not a wimp." If any public official has to declare in public that "I am not a wimp," it pretty well means that he is a wimp. Similar thinking should apply to Lloyd’s left-handed denial that he is what his words say and mean.

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