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GA Sen. David Shafer Signs onto First Amendment Pledge

Washington D.C.—The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) welcomes Georgia State Senator David Shafer (District 48) as the newest legislator to sign onto its Freedom to Listen Pledge. The pledge is designed to allow lawmakers to take a clear stand in favor of the First Amendment.

In fact, Americans’ freedom of speech is under assault like never before and these attacks are distinctly one sided. Major American media has always been dominated by liberal and left-leaning programming, leaving conservatives with talk radio as their only dominant outlet. One outlet too many apparently as powerful liberals, from former President Clinton to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been speaking publicly of using government power to control talk radio. Their intent is clear, to silence opposing voices under the guise of “localism” and “diversity.”

The American Civil Rights Union has responded to this threat by creating the Freedom to Listen Pledge on its special Web site. This site is designed as a means for talk radio hosts and their supporters to communicate about the pledge and to urge their local, state and federal representatives to sign on.

“We should never take our freedoms for granted. To keep them, we must be prepared to fight for them,” said Georgia Senator David Shafer. “That is why I signed the American Civil Rights Union's Freedom To Listen Pledge. I am committed to the defense of free speech over the broadcast airwaves and internet.”

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