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Seton Motley: Video: FCC 'Diversity' Czar on Chavez's Venezuela: 'Incredible...Democratic Revolution'

We have written often about Mark Lloyd, who has since his July 29 appointment been reveling in the position created just for him, "Chief Diversity Officer" at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

As we have repeatedly stated, Chief Diversity Officer Lloyd is virulently anti-capitalist, almost myopically racially fixated and exuberantly pro-regulation.

(It will come as no surprise to those who follow the work of the Media Research Center to learn that Lloyd was also at one time, prior to attending law school, an Emmy Award-winning journalist and producer for among other outlets NBC and CNN.)

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Opponents of Censorship are ‘Conspirators’ Says FCC Official

The Hill newspaper in D.C. has a story on 29 May which quotes an FCC official as calling those who oppose new forms of media censorship as "conspirators." The FCC Democrat was talking with a "senior House Democratic aide. This began with an anonymous blog on American Spectator about FCC aides meeting with aides to Henry Waxman, the Democratic Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. A major industry source, Broadcasting and Cable, ran a story on this claimed meeting on February 18.

Bottom line: those who want to impose new forms of censorship are calling the Internet reporters who are following those efforts and reporting on them, "conspirators." Conspirators act in private and hide from notice. We who oppose new censorship are out in public, and trying to get notice. So, who is the conspirator, and who is not?

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Lynn Woolley: Obama's Planned Assault on Talk Radio

On May 21, Lynn Woolley wrote a column appearing in the "Dallas Morning News" discussing how FCC Commissioner McDonnell is warning radio broadcasters about President Obama's coming attack on conservative talk radio.

Said Woolley:

The Obama administration's assault on talk radio is about to get under way. The warning comes from no less an authority than FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, who visited three Texas radio markets May 4 and 5. McDowell, a Republican whose term expires in June, told broadcasters that the now-dormant "localism" proceeding would soon be active.
You can read the entire column at the "Dallas Morning News."

Copps: Tying Diversity To Fairness Doctrine Is Issue Mongering

Tried to allay the fears of conservatives about the FCC's new Diversity Advisory Committee

By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 5/7/2009 12:15:05 PM MT

Acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps tried to allay the fears of conservatives that the FCC's new Diversity Advisory Committee is a back-door effort to revive the Fairness Doctrine, saying suggestions otherwise were "issue-mongering."

In remarks to the committee at its first meeting Thursday, Copps said that there was one topic that he did not expect the committee to address: the fairness doctrine.

"I almost hesitate to mention it because it seems so obvious," he said. However, he mentioned it anyway, saying that was because, "apparently there are some who remain confused—I hope not willfully so."

That appeared to be a reference to criticisms leveled at the committee by conservatives that it was packed with liberals and could become a tool of the Obama administration to reinstate the doctrine in some other form, which the President has said on more than one occasion he has no plans to do.

"Those who claim that promoting diversity and addressing the woeful effects of past discrimination are the equivalent of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine understand neither the Fairness Doctrine nor, more importantly, the lack of opportunity minorities and women have when it comes to owning and operating the enterprises that allow us to communicate with one another."

Copps used words like "shameful" and "dismal" to describe the state of minority and women ownership of the media, according to a copy of his remarks.

"What you are about is righting the wrong of generations of denied opportunity," he told the committee. "When all the statistics show us still heading in the wrong direction, most people without an axe to grind appreciate the wisdom of that old adage, 'justice delayed is justice denied.' Resurrecting the straw man of a bye-gone Fairness Doctrine to deflect this country’s passage to equal opportunity is a kind of issue-mongering that has no place in twenty-first century America."

The committee is charged with coming up with ways to promote diversity in the digital age. Copps has already launched an effort to collect better data on minority ownership, and asked the committee to focus initially on minority and female ownership issues.

Acting FCC Chairman Promotes Racial and Sexual Bigotry

In an article in the Wall Street Journal on 8 April, 2009, the Acting Chairman of the FCC, Michael Copps, says he intends to "act boldly" to take "meaningful action to right the injustice" of the lack of minority- and women-owned broadcasters. Note the assumption that only black-owned stations have anything worthwhile to say to black listeners, and only female-owned stations have anything worthwhile to say to female listeners. This bigotry by Mr. Copps would certainly be news to Oprah Winfrey, who speaks to millions of Americans on stations of whatever ownership. An Internet advocacy group has pointed out that in its prior census of ownership, the FCC missed more than half of the minority- and women-owned radio and TV stations.

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